Vahidi Care Institute

Are you or a loved one struggling with an illness?

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, and exhausted?

Do you feel inadequate, or do you have self-doubt when caring for a loved one?

Do you feel depleted, hopeless, and lost trying to navigate the medical world of treatments, care plans and recovery?

You don't have to do this alone. I'm here to help. As a practicing Medical/Surgical/Cardiac nurse, I have merged my personal and professional experience as a caretaker to offer practical tools to help you navigate what feels like a hopeless journey.

As a care coach, I provide support and guidance for individuals and/or their families to relieve their stress so you can reclaim your inner joy and create balance in your life.

I have created practical tools in a course to help you foster resilience, replenish strength, and restore hope.

"Call/Text for a complimentary in-person consultation and a free copy of my care guide, yours to keep (858) 900-4984